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The act of browsing myspace after a late night drinking session. This usually entails leaving drunken comments to "friends" you rarely talk to, befriending your boyfriend's ex-girlfriend, and filling out pointless surveys with answers you think are absolutely hilarious.
"I think I'm gonna go back to drunkspacing after I finish this New Castle"
by Neekoh January 23, 2006
The Myspace equivalent of "Drunk Calling."
Typically involves comments left on friend's spaces that would never be made unless under the influence of alcohol. May or may not include notions of love or gayness.
Friend #1 "Whoa, did you know that Bob wanted you man?"

Friend #2 "Nah, he doesn't really think I have a sweet muffin ass, I think he was just Drunk Spacing"
by Amiebrooke M. May 14, 2007
While drunk, search for hot chicks on myspace.
Hey, What are you up to? Drunk spacing.
by JordanWI May 03, 2008

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