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your uncle who is wasted all day, everyday.
damn, your drunkle parties harder than i do.
by alli July 26, 2004
That drunk uncle everybody has who always gets hammered at family events. Usually this individual will puke, cause a fight or both and is estimated to have a short life expectancy.
I love hanging out with my Drunkle because he buys me booze.
by Wordwerth August 16, 2008
Older drunken males that like to hang all over younger females at parties, wedding receptions, etc. Assumed to be somebody's uncle.
Dude, see that drunkle strippin on the dance floor?
by Joshua Rogers May 30, 2008
A drunk uncle. The classic situation when one of you parent's brothers drinks far too much at some sort of social event, thus resulting in them performing an embarrassing act. Hence they are a Drunkle.
John's mate: Hey dude your uncle is drunk again.

John: Shit he does this at every family event. He's such a drunkle
by Black7Ninja June 04, 2009
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