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A drunk uncle. The classic situation when one of you parent's brothers drinks far too much at some sort of social event, thus resulting in them performing an embarrassing act. Hence they are a Drunkle.
John's mate: Hey dude your uncle is drunk again.

John: Shit he does this at every family event. He's such a drunkle
by Black7Ninja June 04, 2009
The footwork needed when walking home on New Year's Eve/early New Year's day to avoid the pools of vomit that have collected from over partying.
Brock: "Shit dude, look at all that vomit on the floor! Fuckin New Year's revellers, how we gona get past it??"

Butch: "Time for the New Year's Hopscotch dawg!"
by Black7Ninja January 01, 2012

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