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drunk dick.

when you've had way to much to drink and you're too drunk to fuck.

no boner
check out that drunk dick loser over there trying to suck his own limp dick. omg what the hell did he just puke!
by RepOmaN April 15, 2013
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1) Not being able to get off and lasting for an extended period of time

2) Not being able to get a flesh rocket ignited
Wow d-bag, I had some drunk dick with that chick last night. Damn, I owned that ho. HUGE
by Trent November 19, 2004
1. Consuming large quanitys of alcohol and then becoming so incredibly horny you'd fuck anything with a (insert prefrence here). And when you finally are able to fuck you become every (insert prefrence here)'s wet dream becuase you finally last more then 5 mins. ;)
Hey Hannah! I hooked up with Joey again last night and it was amazing! He lasted a good 30-40 mins!" "Wow didn't he only last 5 mins last time?" "Ya but he had drunk dick last night
by Fuuuuckkkkkit August 14, 2010
A Girl that you would only fuck if you are completely and utterly drunk. And the next day when you wake up next to her you throw up in your mouth. Cause otherwise it would not have been if it weren't for the alcohol
She would be a drunk dick.

"What were you thinking about last night with her?"
"Drunk dick man that's what."
by junglecat6 January 07, 2010
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