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1. To have sexual intercourse with someone
Why should I help you... You aren't dicking me.
by Uba March 25, 2004
This is a term used to describe the act of hardcore sex or fucking.
John: Come look man, Joe and Miya are having sex in the bathroom.

Dan: Wow, he's really dicking her out.
by Duante Amorculo June 12, 2009
Term for when a female has sex.
man: Yea dude, i dicked her hard last night.

Female: my night wasn't too bad, got a good dicking then grabbed some ice cream.
by Montique Esq. August 03, 2009
To be beaten heavily in any sporting event, or the same as happened to the French in WW2. In the game of football (soccer), to have more eight or more goals scored against your team during a single match. To be dicked by the opposition in a game.
"We just took a dicking from Manchester United" - Arsenal fans, 2011. "Oooh Leeds just got dicked!" - news watcher, 2011.
"France took another dicking on the battlefield" - pre-history to present day.
by mrenigmar September 20, 2011
when some body is fucking with you
damn it kyle stop dicking with me
by bob fish February 18, 2010
Wearing a strap on over your pants in a public place. While you stand there in silence staring strangers dead in the eyes, with the straightest face possible.
Dicking is the new Planking.

I went Dicking at the mall, babies r us, and the gas station all in one day. I also took some pictures to post on facebook to show them Planking idiots what real fun is.
by BenTennison July 12, 2011
dicking- To have sex with someone
haveing good sex with a female/man
dicking- man i was dicking that big booty hoe . man was it great
by kingdrew November 04, 2011