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Rubbish or contaminants in metal. slag
This metal is crap, it's full of dross!
by anonymous January 27, 2004
Very average quality, thinking more about the money than the standard.
It was Dross standard.
by The Dux March 22, 2008
Music that's offensive to the eardrums in its poorness. Comes from a combination of the word dross, meaning rubbish, and Luther Van-Dross - a notoriously bad musician.
I can't listen to this dross. Get it the hell of my stereo before I hurt you.

by Jackie-F September 19, 2005
An aesthetic style of visual art created by LA artists by combining cartoons, graffiti and other pedestrian genres.
That burner on Melrose was mad Dross, yo.
by jesuscrackhead January 22, 2011
Complete awesomeness.
That was complete dross.
by Jacobster March 15, 2015
shortened form of the nickname andross
god dross i cant even bring myself to call you andross cause you share your name with the sweet guy off starfox 64
by berserker395 March 26, 2005

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