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4 definitions by tanima

A person from Nicaragua or of Nicaraguan descent.
He says that Nicas are rowdier than Costa Ricans.
by tanima May 20, 2004
233 43
poop An expression used to describe the act of taking a dump, pooping, or evacuating your bowels of excrement. taking the browns to the super bowl
Where is the ladies room? I have to go drop the kids off at the pool.
by tanima May 20, 2004
177 40
Synonym for Brown eye, poop chute, anus, butthole, asshole.
I nervously licked her puckered starburst. It was my first rim job ever.
by tanima May 20, 2004
9 5
Line from Warhol's movie, "Trash"

1.) Someone Living a dirty, dependent couch surfing/unemployed existence
2.) A lazy person, someone whose life is somehow out of control, or less than together...
3.) Not taking care of yourself or meeting your responsibilities, fulfilling your potential.
4.) A drug addict see Junky
Ever since school got out I have been such junky garbage... sleeping until 3 in the afternoon every day, eating takeout.
by tanima May 20, 2004
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