to, or to be one who rejects conventional society after taking LSD.
Timothy Leary and his psychedelic chronies went around dosing the universities and encouraging the students drop-out.
by ryanlowlife December 04, 2007
taking lots of cheap drugs at once (esp. shrooms and weed) with alcohol, causing the body and mind to go into a semi-concious and apathetic state. often used as a form of self-medication by people suffering from severe depression. also "logging out"
he couldnt play the gig last night because he tried to drop out beforehand.
by 3453626 July 04, 2006
A person that didn't complete school for two reasons:

1) Their lives outside of school were so incredibly difficult that they really had no other choice

2) Laziness
Jack lived with his mom and little sister. His mom was a very immature parent and went out and got drunk every night and would sometimes never even come home. This forced Jack to get little Sally ready for Kindergarden everyday, forcing him to constantly be late for school until he eventually had no choice but to become a drop-out to care for Sally.

Hannah, on the other hand, got a job at Pizza Hutt and felt like she was making some massive "dough" so she dropped out of high school to just work and get more money, unaware that without a diploma, Pizza Hutt's where she's gonna stay forever.
by GRADDY June 26, 2012
1. In music: an audible stutter, click or pop during playback.
2. In education: one who fails to complete an educational path.

3. In drugs: To consume a psychedelic, generally LSD. (also, drop)
4. In education: to give up studying at an educational institution. (written: drop out)


1. "Dude, there's a dropout at 13 seconds. Fix it, you useless hippie salad shooter"

2. "Hey, man. Are you trying to nail that dropout from down the block? Dude, sticking it in that thing is riskier than a suicide wank!"

3. "Yo, you guys look fucking chinked! When did you dropout?"

4. "Shit, bro. I gotta drop out of school. Need more time to work on my screwvenir collection."
by HaK November 25, 2013
A poor single mother who pretends like she graduated from high school on the internet when she dropped out.
See that drop out on myspace lying about graduating? Dropout lied.
by wh0d December 14, 2008
Drop Out was once the fastest song in ddr untill Max 300 came along in DDR MAX
"Hey did ya hear someone passed out in the arcade!"
"Why were they sick?"
"No they just did Drop Out on Heavy"
by The Legend Of Max November 16, 2004
To turn the volume down and then decide to turn it up again.
I was playin' my riffs on my new guitar, but I heard my mom so I did a drop out.
by Stephanie March 25, 2005
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