to give up the ass, lay it down, fornicate
jack told jane to "drop out of them panties".
by fukfacefisherman June 05, 2007
and idiot who threw his or her life out the window normally for a retarted reason like they didnt feel like going to school cause there stupid ass dumb fickin idiots
dropout: why wont you hire me for the job!? i need to eat i am starving to death and need to buy drugs cause im a pathic dead beat whos only frineds are dropouts too
by xSmokeyx September 09, 2006
From Naruto's English subtitles, sb who has difficulties at sth,sb who is disregarded and picked on due to their lack of skills at sth.
"A dropout can surpass a genius with hard work."
by Jair February 13, 2005
a slap on the hand to indicate that someone has asked a stupid question.
Where do babies come from?

Thats a stupid question. DROPOUT!

Man! (Slap on hand)
by Ray Villarreal March 13, 2008
Someone who believes one's self to be too cool for school, and expresses that notion through meticulous attention paid to one's own appearance. One who wishes all others to believe that he or she is infinitely cooler than they, and thus should not be required to attend school sessions, even though those days have long since past.
Philadelphia is no better than NYC. You go hang out with your wang out watching a band rawk out and you can't hear over the dropout next to you having a chinwag with one of his other scenester friends. Probably about accessories.
by Skelewhore March 31, 2005
One who has dropped out of school. These types of people will not get very far in life.
Look at that dropout. Had he gone to school for 12 years, despite the boredom of it, he would have a real job and would be contributing to society.
by gs68 August 23, 2004

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