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Reena is sweet and a smiley girl.
She is rare and classy. Most of the girls who have this name are extremely beautiful and GOOD in every aspect. She's definately a Good girl at heart .
Reena Hammer was always very classy, smiley on the red carpet
by betterinfo February 04, 2010
a reena is a gorgeous girl!

She has a heart of gold and is one of a kind.

She will make you laugh, amaze you with her talents, and make you wanna spend all your time with her!
There is a queue of guys waiting in line...

What is the furore about?

Oh they are all waiting for a chance to date a reena!
by beeeeeeeeeeeeeee May 28, 2013
A word to describe a person who eats anything and everything. Given permission or not
Can I Reena your fries?
by RandomGoat December 08, 2010
A reena is typically a female that spends excessive amounts of time watching House and reading MLIA.

A reena tends to find mundane, stupid things exorbitantly exciting, such as Snuggies and bubble wrap.
The reena can be very mean when it wants to be, and has a sharp toungue, which it has most likely adopted from Simon Cowell and/or Lily Allen and/or Greg House.

It also tries to be badass, but has a sticky, gooey inside that has a weakness for cute things, like puppies and donuts.

Be extra cautious while approaching a reena, as they are known to be volatile and violent at times. If you by chance run into a reena and it shows signs of anger, slowly back away keeping your hands above your head and offer it some colorful items that you probably find stupid (ex.: bendy straws, raisin bran, animal crackers, dinosaur stickers, etc.)
The reena has also warned many people that it is important to be prepared for the incoming zombie apocalypse. It requests that you keep an adequate supply of multi-layered clothing, face masks, ducks, and venus razors.
Person 1: So dude, today, i accidentally ran into this reena down and stop n save.
Person 2: oh shit! what was it doing?
Person 1: it was buying some ducks for the zombie apocalypse.
Person 2: Oh dayum, thats so sketch. what did you do?
Person 1: dude, i like, gave it some pink dinosaur chicken nuggets and it like smiled and walked away.
Person 2: dude, fosho!
Person 1: i know. it was pretty rad
by fo.sho December 27, 2009
A girl referred to as a sex goddess, an expert at sex and all forms of sexual activity. ex: stripper, pole dancer, hooker, prostitute.
That prostitute is such a Reena.
by sexbiscuit69 July 12, 2011
A highly competitive species of west coast descent, who survives on Jager shots and frequent use of the words "dumb" and "secretly", in contexts which Joe Average could not get away with.

This species is also the akin to a female version of Bear Grylls in a bar setting, drinking anything laid out in front of her. The last dirnk of choice for this species in a bar setting is water. Water is kryptonite to this species.

Sporting activities to this species hinge on Flip Cup, Beer Pong and anything alcohol related.
Reena: "Ok dumb, secretly I think that whoever loses this game of flip cup should do Jager shots"
by Shef_Ali August 10, 2007
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