to spend money on something; to purchase something
dude just dropped 20 bones on that classic '65 mustang!
by nitro March 19, 2004
A form of "crack" cocaine that is of an exceptionally higher potency than normal "crack." Being as such, it is also unusually hard, having a concrete-like texture and strength.
"Holla at ya boy, I got that str8 drop patna."
by T-Mack (5150) April 11, 2007
used to describe slang, or other new forms of speech. new word or words.

could be used in reference to the latest news or gossip.

whatever is being talked about, or the newest words currently being used.
i subscribed to the urban word of the day to keep up on the current drop.
by Jesse Colburn August 14, 2007
Word used to express general approval or awesomeness of something. Drop emerged in its slang form in London in late 2013 and early 2014. Synonyms include dope, sick, hench, fly, swag, gnarl and rad.
1. Yeah, he's pretty drop for a white guy.

2. Fuck me! That was so drop...

3. Dude, that was the droppest bassline I've ever heard!
by CJLondon February 05, 2014
The opposite of "clutch"; used to describe a situation that is far from ideal.
The lack of peanut butter in this house is so drop.

I found mold on this sandwich I was eating #drop

We have cereal but no milk; that's drop.

This rainy weather is totally drop.
by Jonjon August 10, 2013
The type of boy/girl who has all the wrong qualities of a signficant other; the opposite of a catch
Girl 1: He's a pot head, short, ugly, has a baby and a girlfriend and keeps trying to hit on me.
Girl 2: omg, he's such a drop!
by mandkfashionistas December 22, 2008
what you gotta yell before you hit the sickness (usualy skateboarding or snowboarding)

Your snowboarding, standin on top of the halfpipe. you need to call your "DROP!" before you hit it. It's gotta be loud so fools don't snake your run.

A bunch of guys are sitting around a bowl of salsa. You gotta yell "DROP!" before you go in for the scoop, so fools can't snake your dip.

Your skateboarding, standing on the deck of a bowl. You gotta call 'DROP!' so then when you run into someone it's there fault.
dude, yr snakin my line!
bro, I called DROP!
by D!MAC October 24, 2007
A term that is slang for a more formal set of orders in the United States Army. Drop is a command that may replace the set, "Half left face! Front leaning rest position, move!" This order is used when instructing a soldier of lesser rank to do pushups as a method of discipline for minor infractions.
"You're SOUP, private! DROP!"
by GaliemVae... oh, fuck it December 06, 2004

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