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friends only in school. can be new friends, or old friends, but the only time you see them...is at school. school buddies can turn into regular buddies, but until you hang out with them outside of school for a minimum of three occasions, they are still school buddies.
person1: man...now that schools over..i miss my school buddies

person2: yeah, dont you have any of their numbers? give em a call!

person1: totally! imma call...hmm...no im too much of a pussy
by jneill June 26, 2007
verb (smoke-um)

to smokum is to smoke weed. usually asked. to "have a smokum" means to find up a friend and smoke some of that gooooood shit.
hey bro ready for a smokum?

yea man, you got any of that good shit?

you know it.

by jneill December 11, 2007
any kind of disgusting freezer food that can be tossed into the microwave and made in 10 minutes or less. usually made while drunk or high. great for the munchies. convenience is key.

guy1: uuhh god! im so damn hungry
guy2: totally dude
guy2: is mcnasty still open???
guy1: shit! its 4 A.M. no way its open..and im too stoned to drive
guy2: !!!i know!!! find some microwave nasty! hell yea!
guy1: yea baby! hot pockets! i hope these don't give me diareah...
by jneill June 18, 2007
word used in the movie " A night at the roxbury" meaning sweet, awesome, fantastic,outrageous, or kick ass. fun to use when joking around cuz you'll sound like a dumbass if you actually use it.
guy1: "dude! i totally hooked up last night with that hot ass sally!"
guy2: "diabetic!"
by jneill May 26, 2007
to sleep; pass out, go to bed, sleep.

refers to when you're at a party. when you get so shitfaced you end up just finding a nice floor, or a chair if your real unlucky, to "drop" on.
julius: yea dawg im gonna leave

whiney bitch: no dont leave!

julius: aren't you just gonna drop soon anyhow?

whiney bitch: no..in like...guh....dah.. a half hour

julius: you're a whiney ass bitch
by jneill June 11, 2007
a stealthy maneuver done to a guy while he is either asleep or passed out. when you take the scrotum-AKA the ballsac and stretch both sides, making the bat signal.
kid1: "have you ever been dooped?"

marines guy: "no...but i did get a bat signal once!"

everyone: "WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!"
by jneill June 06, 2007

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