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Another name for a hernia, specifically a scrotal hernia. Exaggerating that an extreme hernia would blow out your scrotum and make your testicle fall to the ground.
"If you pick up that anvil, you're gonna drop a nut"
"I dropped a nut carrying that sofa"
by Biohazed June 02, 2005
1. Literally: To drop one's nut on the ground.

2. Slang: Used with the correct emphasis, this phrase can mean almost anything.

Coined accidentally one night when a poor soul dropped his pistachio nut on the ground. This catchy phrase finds seldom use
Are you gonna drop a nut?

Scottie dropped a nut.

Richie was so distracted he was forced to drop a nut.
by MadSoup April 27, 2004
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