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Translation: "Cake eater". A derogatory term used by blue collar Italo-Canadians used to describe commercialized middle-class WASPs. Italo-Canadians would view the typical daily diet of fellow WASP workers to be based on refined white flour and sugar.
Dave: "Yum! Kraft peanut butter and jam sandwiches on Wonderbread and a Coke and Twinkie" for lunch. I've been hungry since my usual double-double coffee and 3 Tim Horton's donuts from this morning. I can't wait to get home and have a Schneider's honey glazed ham and McCaines frozen cake."
Mario: "Dave. Oh. Don't be such a mangiacake. I got a mortadella, tomato and provolone on a pannino and escarole salad. Why don't you come over to my moms and try some of her pasta al forno with veal and dad's homemade sausage and wine."
by Biohazed April 16, 2006
Calling one silly in a nice way. Originates from the Trix commercial where the rabbit gets caught about to eat Trix cereal.
"Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids."
by Biohazed May 30, 2005
The technique of getting maximum odour and accuracy of placement of flatulence with the use of a hair dryer. Fart in a hair dryer while aiming at your friend in the change room. If done correctly you will not notice any odour while your friend is distressed by a compressed and heated SBD.
"Hey man! You turbo farted and killed Kenny".
by Biohazed June 02, 2005
Another name for a hernia, specifically a scrotal hernia. Exaggerating that an extreme hernia would blow out your scrotum and make your testicle fall to the ground.
"If you pick up that anvil, you're gonna drop a nut"
"I dropped a nut carrying that sofa"
by Biohazed June 02, 2005

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