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When it is raining lightly outside...
"Man, it is drizzly, drizzly, outside."
by DrizzlyDrizzly March 03, 2009
the technical term for peeing out of your butt
hey tim,do you want to have a 3way with me and lisa?i want to but cant,got a case of the drizzlies
by the illusion September 03, 2010
the act of having sex and ejaculating inside of the partner and immediately inserting ice cream in side then having the partner stand over a bowl and letting the concoction flow into the bowl.
hey teddy you never guess what jen let me do to he last night


she let me give her a drizzly

oh gross man
by fatguyguyguy May 11, 2010
1. The drizzly shits.

2. An expression of disappointment.
1. Luanne ate too much cabbage and got the drizzlies.

2. We can't go to Chicago? Man, that's the drizzlies.
by Cap'n Bullmoose April 30, 2005
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