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Woman of combined souls, may seem mysterious or contrary, capable of great feats of strength and endurance, generous but not patient, an enigma and a lasting friend.
I thought she was being contrary but she was just being Luanne
by ladywordsmith February 03, 2010

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A human with dog like senses and an alter ego, Crime Dog McGruff. Don't try and spark one around her or you'll get caught for sure!
Timmy: Yo my mom is gone lets spark a joint!
Tommy: Nice! Light that shit up!
*Mid way through the joint*
Timmy: O crap my mom is calling . . . Hello?
Mom: Timmy it smells like weed in the house, your grounded!
Tommy: Damn dude your mom is such a LuAnne!
by vivo el sueño February 04, 2010