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A drunk cripple.
"Did you see that drunk-ass girl with the crutches?"

"Yeah, man, I'd tap that dripple."
by Call Me Mr. Gee May 14, 2010
when you fart when you have diarrhea and a little wet turd slips out
jim you better change your underwear on that one. It sounded like you drippled your shorts!!
by drundlegrundleberrycherry February 26, 2003
Nipples that point downwards. Nipples that would appear to be dripping off the breasts.
Anna looks good with her shirt on, but when she's topless it's obvious she has a bad case of the dripples.
by Dr Debacle December 28, 2006
A small, wet stain on a person's shirt in the approximate area of his or her nipple. Often caused by spilly hand-talking while the subject is intoxicated.
Matt: "I can see your dripples."
Heather: "Excuse me?!"
Matt: "I said, 'Nice to meet you.'"
by JLeaner February 16, 2011
Drips of material that hang from a textured ceiling and visually approximate nipples.
"You have a semi-circle of dripples on your ceiling."
by Dave Lorimor July 30, 2006
dripples...aka eyedrops. Typically used after the use of a "bleezy."
"yo man, pass the dripples, my eyes are redder than the devil's dick!"


"Hey man, don't worry. I got the dripples, the breez, the sany, and the bleezy...weed good!"
by Lou Sifer December 25, 2009
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