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The act of being extremely intoxicated and stoned at the same time. Drunk and Ripped - DRIPPED.
Man, last night I was so dripped off that Hennessy and chron-chron I think I may have got a bitch pregnant.
by UWW-Stonaz April 21, 2006
extremly cool, awsome
That car is dripped.
These rims are dripped
by s dog January 20, 2008
1. The art of getting a headshot from across the map and splattering the persons giblets on the wall behind him. (CoD 4)
Jordan: Did you see that head shot from way back here?

Mike: Yea, you dripped that nigga through the car and everything!

Jordan: Only cuz I'm a beast
by Scrabbit May 04, 2009
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