A drill down is a marching compettion between you and the rest of the band. You stand at attention untill given instruction by the drum mayjor. You must follow the drum mayjor's exact comands. Sometimes commands will be given one right after another. If you fail to do so correctly you fall out of line and stand on the side at attention.
Band Ten Hut
It's time for a drill down
Band right face band left fac band left face band about face
by Braxson June 27, 2007
Top Definition
Term used by a worthless network news barbie or cable news bunny to describe a story's seriousness and imply the amount of resources the network will apply to its journalistic investigation.

The term is frequently used to imply that the "reporter" will get to the bottom of the story and then back to the viewers in order to feed their news rage.
studio news barbie:

"Great report Gina (news bunny on location)!"

We'll drill down into that story you're covering about Mr. and Mrs. Elephant's new baby and get back to you. Thanks.
by dp916 November 22, 2010
"Drill Down" is a term used by computer systems people to describe the act of clicking with a computer mouse down through several levels of folders or drop-down menus to reach a specific file, application or folder etc.

The term is often used during instruction by hip sounding computer techs and quasi- computer instructors at computer program workshops. The term is especially popular amongst university types.
Jeff from Systems: "OK to reach the K drive you'll need to "Drill Down" from your desktop and double click on the K drive icon.
by Mick Bentley March 13, 2010
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