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Term used by a worthless network news barbie or cable news bunny to describe a story's seriousness and imply the amount of resources the network will apply to its journalistic investigation.

The term is frequently used to imply that the "reporter" will get to the bottom of the story and then back to the viewers in order to feed their news rage.
studio news barbie:

"Great report Gina (news bunny on location)!"

We'll drill down into that story you're covering about Mr. and Mrs. Elephant's new baby and get back to you. Thanks.
by dp916 November 22, 2010
the correct use of ethnic urban slang
I love this website, there's always been some words I'm unclear about in ghetto talk so it's good to have this as a reference so I can sound ebonically pleasing to my friends!
by dp916 January 11, 2003
the depressed mental outlook on the world in general caused by reading and participating in the false reality created by Facebook and its contributors.
I invited Karen to join us for the movie but she is so wrapped up in her Facebook depression after reading recent comments from her friends that she's barely talking to anyone.
by dp916 March 28, 2011
1. The insipid laugh emitted by half drunk people at a singles bar when they are responding to the wit, wisdom and humor of other half drunk people hoping to score. sounds like - ha, ha, (slight pause) ha, ha, ha (intonation on the middle ha)

2. everyday use of a flirtatious laugh indicating possible interest in a member of the opposite sex, most frequently used by young women
I can't believe all the bar laughs I heard at that party. Were all the women drunk, or were they coming on to President Clinton?
by dp916 September 25, 2005

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