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Women news readers that seem to be on air more for their looks than journalist qualifications or news reading ability. The New Bunnies can be seen on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC as well as local stations. They wear too much make-up, show cleavage and wear mini skirts that a women working as an executive would never consider. Often the directors will cut to side tit shots with the bunny thrusting her chest forward when they cut to the other camera. The side tit shot is often done when Robin Mead is on Headline News and can also be seen on Fox Business Channel.
Dude: What the hell are you watching?

News Fan: Headline News With Robin Mead. She is a news bunny.

Dude: Shit, Did Larry Flynt by CNN?

News Fan: I don't know. Let's turn it to Foxnews and look up some blond chicks skirt for half an hour as she tells us about Al Qaeda IEDs and why my kids might be getting too much caffeine.
#cnn #foxnews #msnbc #headline news #bimbo #porn #larry flynt #tits #knockers
by Eldridge Cleaver March 03, 2008
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