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A man who shares living space with another man in a 2-man cell in prison. (not a reference to homosexuality; a bunkie is just a roommate)

"I got a new bunkie today; he caught his case 2 years ago."

"My bunkie and I played cards to pass the time our unit was on lockdown."
by Cornucopia June 07, 2007
A city in the middle of Buttfuck nowhere Louisiana. It is home to about 7,000+ people. There is nothing special about the place in particular but it does have a radio station, which plays Alternative rock. Which is quite odd, because Bunkie is a town mostly composed of rednecks and black people.
LMAO at those other guys' definitions, wtf are you guys talking about, Bunkie is a town right in the middle of Louisiana, near Alexandria.
by pseudonym-abody [Error 404] February 11, 2009
A male or female that engages with having sexual intercorse with a dog or any other sort of animal.
Most commonly used as a insult towards a friend of enemy.
Made famous by the doglover chronicles at in which a boy
finds his sexual preference in a dog named Bunkie.
Dude your such a fucking bunkie.
I think that boy may be a bunkie.
I've decide to become a bunkie.
by Eidur: May 03, 2007
a cell mate in prison that has raped you repeatedly. Now considered your bunkie.
My bunkie back in '89 just got out.
by Spogemonkey October 21, 2002
B*best friends
U*unique hottness
N*nice boobs
K*killer ass
i*incredible friend
E*enchanted love
liza is my bunkie and i love her a lot
by Aly March 30, 2005
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