A person who drifts from place to place, homeless wanderer. Is in search of a new place to live for a while, and then drifts off to another. Simialer to a nomad, only a drifer is usally a hobo.
We saw a drifter on the train tracks with a bag, heading east.
by Britney April 10, 2004
A person who is in search for something he or she is in need of.
Poor John, ever since he was kicked out of his house, he's been a drifter...
by Justin May 01, 2002
codeine, a perscription pain killer taken to achieve a state of stupor.
"dude i popped three drifters last nite, i was drooling all over myself"
by ericdolphy September 09, 2006
A person, or persons that look like they would be able to buy a minor some alchohol. ususally found inside of walmart, or out in the parking lot.
Nate: Hey man you want to go to walmart to look for some potential drifters?
Jesse: Ya sure man, what are drifters?
Nate: someone to buy you alch.


Nate: Lets go hunt down some drifters for alch
Jesse: Sounds good man, lets get messed up
by The real Teet October 04, 2009
One who has the ability ofSliding ones rear wheel drive car through a set of opposed and grouped turns without having rear wheel traction as he/she's car moves laterally through the turns.

All the other definitions were crappy
The Drifter slid through the turns as if his car was on ice.
by Cameron Leslie February 04, 2003
a drifter is a guy who drifts his car
Look, there he his, the drifter with his AE86
by Kazi May 01, 2002
Someone who lurks by themselves (that one creepy person who is always creepin')
Dude that guy is such a drifter...
by FusedHarpy123 February 03, 2011
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