a college transfer student
"That drifter's so lost; he just transfers from school to school trying to find a major."
by lemminginstinct September 24, 2009
a person that has amazing car control that also always get the girls
wow look at that drifter go.
by Diegooooo March 29, 2008
a person who strays from the original plans
"I thought we were hittin some more clubs, right? Let's go!"
"Nah, let's just stay here, I ain't tryin to pay cover somewhere else, too."
"Whatever, drifter!"
by BambiKat March 05, 2008
someone who constantly drifts over the strait line to the gay line..

"im Gay"
"Than your a drifter"
by jay willmofo August 22, 2006
referred to as "drift king" or "dk". They drift by losing traction and sliding around corners. It is normally done by pulling in the e brake (drifter slang for emergency brake). Some commonly used vehicles used are Pontiac Aztek's, Honda Accord's, and Ford Focus's.
"Pedal on the right keeps the rear end loose." a quote by norha, a rising drifter.
norha+ aztec= first place drifter
by marky darcie June 23, 2009
a person how wanders amlessly with out purpose
person 1 : HEY, let's go kill a drifter

person 2 : that illegal!

person 1 : not on tuesdays
by sparky winsor February 10, 2005
Power oversteering a rear wheel drive car, through a set of corners, without gaining traction to the rear wheels.
"Haha there he goes, he almost took out that fucking street lamp, DORRRIFFTAHH!"
by D. Rifter March 06, 2003
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