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a drifter is a guy who drifts his car
Look, there he his, the drifter with his AE86
by Kazi May 01, 2002
12 32
a college transfer student
"That drifter's so lost; he just transfers from school to school trying to find a major."
by lemminginstinct September 24, 2009
3 24
anally intruded whilst in an alcoholic coma, by a nestle drifter bar. leading to a sore ring piece and chocolaty farts, all dignity lost.
james harvey (mountain inn 19.02.09) drifter.
by jamie nakedbarman hannah February 20, 2009
7 28
referred to as "drift king" or "dk". They drift by losing traction and sliding around corners. It is normally done by pulling in the e brake (drifter slang for emergency brake). Some commonly used vehicles used are Pontiac Aztek's, Honda Accord's, and Ford Focus's.
"Pedal on the right keeps the rear end loose." a quote by norha, a rising drifter.
norha+ aztec= first place drifter
by marky darcie June 23, 2009
10 33
a person how wanders amlessly with out purpose
person 1 : HEY, let's go kill a drifter

person 2 : that illegal!

person 1 : not on tuesdays
by sparky winsor February 10, 2005
10 34
Power oversteering a rear wheel drive car, through a set of corners, without gaining traction to the rear wheels.
"Haha there he goes, he almost took out that fucking street lamp, DORRRIFFTAHH!"
by D. Rifter March 06, 2003
19 43