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A Person who is hailed as the top drift driver in a race(s), this usually involves drifting that exceeds in speed, angle and danger. Although many have tried to claim this title it is clear that it belongs to Keiichi Tsuchiya (born in January 1956) who became a professional race driver after years of experience racing in underground street races.
Yo, that guy is the drift king in this town.

"I drift not because it is a quicker way around a corner, but it is the most exciting way" - Keiichi Tsuchiya drift king :)
by Seftoner July 17, 2006
Usually refering to a person of low intelligence, having the appearence and attitude that would most likely land them a job flipping burgers at Mcdonalds.
That guy is a freakin Mcnugget!

by Seftoner July 17, 2006

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