A man who has expressed a desire to bone the bitchiest, ugliest teacher he knows up the ass.
Dude, he totally said he wanted to Drew Mrs. Hutson!
by Malpercio March 09, 2010
A man who masks his homosexuality by accusing others of being gay at every possible moment through use of words including but not limited to queer, fag, homo, flamer, and pole-smoker.

The Drew is also bound to have a girlfriend and brag about his sexual prowess in order to further throw your sent off the trail.

Rarely the Drew does have a few redeeming qualities in that he will sometimes have a decent sense of humor and watches football.
"Hey whats up queer?"

"Oh great, sounds like Drew is back from his boyfriend's house."
by smizzle11 February 14, 2010
someone who tends to be a mooch, but won't share with anyone. person could also be known as a jew
"hey drew, since i lent u five bucks last week, do u think i could borrow a dollar for the bus?"-friendly guy
"no dude, get your own fucking money"-drew
by allaboutthew's February 07, 2010
replaces the word "you" or any word that has a "U" sound
"Because of Drew, I never walked too far from the sidewalk"
by Mnayr March 02, 2008
A person that is not jewish, but is currently acting like one.
"hey man can you lend me a buck for the bus?"
"screw you dude"
"ugh, stop being a drew!"
by Commander Pancakes October 20, 2007
Drew Pronunciation Key Pronunciation Dru/Droo

1. Drunken Person of Semantic Descent/DR-unken j-EW
2. A friend and or acquaintance that refuses to buy a
round of alcoholic beverages even though it is clearly
and unabashedly their turn.
3. Tightfisted or Scrooge like Drinking Partner
Your round dude, I bought the shots and the pitcher, Don't be a such a Drew.
by The Seeker January 16, 2008
dick, balls, ass or shit
1. "that ho sucked my Drew til i skeeted on her grill"
2. "lick my left Drew"
3. "lick my Drewhole til ur tongue turns brown"
4. "that big Drew i just took really stinks like some drew!"
by Shark AKA Knife January 20, 2008

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