People called drew almost always look like winnie the pooh and turn into a rapist at night. Usually infests girls with his cheesy penis and mostly seen wanking to photos of girls out of his league who are usually called "hannah" and "kerry".
Person 1: "Who's that boy dressed as Winnie the Pooh?"
Person 2: "Oh that's Drew..."
*stunned faces*
Person 1: "Now he's wiggling his Piglet"
Randomer: "Standard behaviour from a Drew..." *shakes head in shame*
by nibblyjubblies December 04, 2011
Pimpin ginger that can not be stopped. He is most likely the coolest kid in the world. Fly, Pimp, Sexy, Gangsta
Drew, Andrew, Shue
by the man the is awesome December 07, 2010
A dumb annoying guy who is obsessed with girls out of his league. He is actually very smart but doesn't do anything about it. He knows his music but shoves is opinions in peoples face and thinks hes always right. He has no friends and thinks hes cool because he hangs out with people older than him.
person 1: ugh this person is annoying, i hate him.
person 2: who drew?
person 1: yes!
by abcdef4 May 27, 2011
Often very large and very annoying at some times. he is very unatractive. looks like a penguin mixed with a gorilla and a hippo
Look at that drew! dang, that boy is sexy!
by Largepenguingorillahippothing November 10, 2012

To steal an idea or phrase from a friend and not give proper citation or credit where credit is do.
I said that. Don't Drew me
by Don'tDrewMeDude December 13, 2010
OMG Drew is such an egg!
by bffwhoweoalltheway November 20, 2010
a man not as awesome as he thinks.
drew your not all that.
by chickety May 03, 2011

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