To steal an idea or phrase from a friend and not give proper citation or credit where credit is do.
I said that. Don't Drew me
by Don'tDrewMeDude December 13, 2010
OMG Drew is such an egg!
by bffwhoweoalltheway November 20, 2010
a man not as awesome as he thinks.
drew your not all that.
by chickety May 03, 2011
the most horrible person on the planet. deserves to die.
wow that person is the biggest drew!
by scornedlikeheaps July 17, 2011
a dick, who says he likes a girl but really doesn't. Usually a guy who just like to drink and thinks he's funny when he's not. Sometimes cocky with jock like qualities
OMG. Look at that guy over there drinking a protein shake and flirting with girls. He's a total drew.
by giggle girl May 30, 2010
A man who has expressed a desire to bone the bitchiest, ugliest teacher he knows up the ass.
Dude, he totally said he wanted to Drew Mrs. Hutson!
by Malpercio March 09, 2010
A man who masks his homosexuality by accusing others of being gay at every possible moment through use of words including but not limited to queer, fag, homo, flamer, and pole-smoker.

The Drew is also bound to have a girlfriend and brag about his sexual prowess in order to further throw your sent off the trail.

Rarely the Drew does have a few redeeming qualities in that he will sometimes have a decent sense of humor and watches football.
"Hey whats up queer?"

"Oh great, sounds like Drew is back from his boyfriend's house."
by smizzle11 February 14, 2010

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