Drew a video gamer, lover of all music exept country has a bit of a chubby physic but is charmingly handsome and has a way with words that make women bow at his knees (also the fact that he's hung like a house) is ur best friend if your a guy and a Teddy bear for the ladies when they want to cuddle will try to get into the pants of every girl he meets has an unmistakable charm about him
Oh my gosh look at that dork over there playing video games with all those hot chicks around him he must be a drew!!!
by happycamper24 June 21, 2011
Often Hyper, laughs at most things, used to act black, changed over the summer of 2011, Stoped being Obnoxiousness,
dude drew isnt acting black anymore!
its a miracle!
by pkhacks November 16, 2011
Drew is a girl who is caring. She is a beautiful lady. She is very athletic and play as much sports as she can. She is a very good friend and will always be there for you. She can be a bitch so you better not mess with her. You are rude to her, she give it 10x worse back. She would do anything for her crush. She is crazy always ready for fun. Also many don't like her because she is cocky at times, but if anyone really got to know her they would love her.
Boy: Man Drew is pretty and funny! I wish she wasn't taken!
by ihaveNOideaMAAM December 28, 2012
a person who masturbates excessively
Person 1: "Don't be a Drew!"
Person 2("drew"): "I can't help myself sometimes, especially while looking at a mirror."
by DaddyC93 November 19, 2013
Drew is a guy who has lots of talent lots of great friends people know him likes usually one girl and won't give up until he gets her can be really up or can be really down on himself can be kind of and asshole if annoyed usually sarcastic, in the end drew is trying to get by and just wants people to be happy does a lot to please others, hopes one day he can finally be happy
"Yo drew"
by Critical thinker June 29, 2015
The most amazing, breathtaking person on planet earth. He is hilarious & sarcastic, yet sweet and loving. He's got the strongest hands and his eyes are the brightest color. He is so gorgeous inside and out. He is always trying to better himself and does it just fine. He is in love with Megan and will marry her someday. He loves to do exciting things, like sky diving and travel ! He will live nothing but an out of the ordinary, fascinating life and people will look up to Drew so much for how far he's come and what he's done. He is simply stunning <3
Did Drew just fart, cause he took my breath away!
by ellebanna6 February 20, 2011
Drew can be a girls name and in fact Drew is very outgoing and feminine she loves a good night out although can be shy. She has a big heart and always knows how to cheer you up. Sexual when she finds the man for her but she's not an easy catch.
by juplop March 25, 2014

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