Name for boy/girl. But this defenition is for a girl.
She has amazing eyes
She has amazing hair
She has amazing features!
She is really sweet, down to earth, talented, love to flirt&will always be faithful to her "special friend"(;
Her beauty is out of this world and it takes something special to get her...she definitley not easy. AT ALL!
Everyone loves her and respects her, just as they should.
If you meet a girl named Drew, keep her around. She's worth your time.
" Ay! Who's that?"
"Oh thats my girlfriend"
"damn dude. she hella sexy.youre lucky dude"
"yeah ..she's sexy. you know why though?"
" That's Drew "
eyes sexy bomb cute hair fine cute sweet not easy
by mtbaby<3 September 25, 2010
A smart beautiful girl, we anyone would be lucky to met. A great cheerleader.

Has a lot of friends an amazing laugh, alway in a good mood.

make a lot of people smile helps her friends when they need her the most.

any man would be lucky to have a girl like her.

Also, Can be a great nice wonderful person unless you get on her bad side then she can be a Bitch.

She is so pretty, & I love this girl to death.
Tyler; Did you met that new girl Drew?
Sarah; Yea, she is really nice & very pretty.

Tyler; I heard heard she already has a bunch of friends.

Sarah; wouldn't surprise me she is so nice and friendly.
by Livingadream.(: December 08, 2011
a person who masturbates excessively
Person 1: "Don't be a Drew!"
Person 2("drew"): "I can't help myself sometimes, especially while looking at a mirror."
by DaddyC93 November 19, 2013
The coolest cat in the world! Can be used as a GIRL name, but is quite rare. Many people are jealous of Drew and praise him/her. Some people call him/her Drewsifer, when really he/she is the complete opposite.
*In the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit, amen. Forgive me Drew, for I have sinned...*
by coolbraids November 18, 2010
The biggest faggot ever. He is so stupid and clumsy and has horrible hair (I want to shave him bald) Hes just a stupid tryhard who doesn't know when to shut up.
Guy 1. Hey, there's Drew, wanna go talk to him?
Guy 2. Nah, don't talk to him he's a stupid little faggot.
by Dulo August 22, 2014
the most beutiful girl in the world, usually a surf ratt who loves the beach blonde haired blue eyes!
dude did u see that drew
yesss dude i would love to surf with her she is also stunningly beautiful
by 783965748 January 19, 2012
To be completely self absorbed with yourself, and out of touch with what is real and what is just a game.

To constantly be a dick and live on a power trip to compensate for having a small penis.
You're being a fucking Drew right now.
by DynamiteD August 28, 2014

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