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a person who masturbates excessively
Person 1: "Don't be a Drew!"
Person 2("drew"): "I can't help myself sometimes, especially while looking at a mirror."
by DaddyC93 November 19, 2013
A smart beautiful girl, we anyone would be lucky to met. A great cheerleader.

Has a lot of friends an amazing laugh, alway in a good mood.

make a lot of people smile helps her friends when they need her the most.

any man would be lucky to have a girl like her.

Also, Can be a great nice wonderful person unless you get on her bad side then she can be a Bitch.

She is so pretty, & I love this girl to death.
Tyler; Did you met that new girl Drew?
Sarah; Yea, she is really nice & very pretty.

Tyler; I heard heard she already has a bunch of friends.

Sarah; wouldn't surprise me she is so nice and friendly.
by Livingadream.(: December 08, 2011
A person is classified as a Drew when they are genuinely miserable. A Drew will often refuse to partake in fun activities with his or her friends. A Drew may also lack interesting qualities as an individual, and display signs of pessimism and blandness. When one is a being a Drew, they generally like to avoid pleasure and interaction with people. Note: Drew is only used to describe the temporary state of mind of the individual.
He is being such a Drew tonight. Maybe his cat just died.
by mrsjonessss February 17, 2013
The most amazing, breathtaking person on planet earth. He is hilarious & sarcastic, yet sweet and loving. He's got the strongest hands and his eyes are the brightest color. He is so gorgeous inside and out. He is always trying to better himself and does it just fine. He is in love with Megan and will marry her someday. He loves to do exciting things, like sky diving and travel ! He will live nothing but an out of the ordinary, fascinating life and people will look up to Drew so much for how far he's come and what he's done. He is simply stunning <3
Did Drew just fart, cause he took my breath away!
by ellebanna6 February 20, 2011
People called drew almost always look like winnie the pooh and turn into a rapist at night. Usually infests girls with his cheesy penis and mostly seen wanking to photos of girls out of his league who are usually called "hannah" and "kerry".
Person 1: "Who's that boy dressed as Winnie the Pooh?"
Person 2: "Oh that's Drew..."
*stunned faces*
Person 1: "Now he's wiggling his Piglet"
Randomer: "Standard behaviour from a Drew..." *shakes head in shame*
by nibblyjubblies December 04, 2011
the most beutiful girl in the world, usually a surf ratt who loves the beach blonde haired blue eyes!
dude did u see that drew
yesss dude i would love to surf with her she is also stunningly beautiful
by 783965748 January 19, 2012
Drew is an extremelyyy tall guy who really likes saying the word "raunchy." no one knows why. He's also a gamer, even though he wont admit it. He has a really amazing cousin named maggie who's best friend is this awesome girl named sarah. Drew lives by a beach that has a really scary disc thingy that you spin around on and then you get thrown off into the sand (by drew).
Woah look at that kid! He's such a drew !!
by random12344326 August 19, 2011