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To lower oneself from an elevated object such as a roof or a wall by twisting around and holding on to the edge of the object while facing it.

To descend from a height by dangling.
"Scram it's the bizzies, we're gonna hav tae dreep doon here".
by x33r0t33 March 11, 2009
21 11
a tall skinny person
look at the state o ye, ya lanky dreep
by kennyhardcore August 17, 2005
20 15
dreamsleep abbr; use this word when you want to say that you're going to bed and when you fall asleep you can dream something
I've got tired and I'm gonna dreep
by Andrius March 02, 2008
1 7
To droop and weep. A combination of both words. To weep after masturbation.
Theres nothing to do but go home and dreep.
by Dagagad October 26, 2006
10 18