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when you are arguing with your mom that you should be able to stay overnight at your freinds house and she only says the answer is no even though all the circumstances allow it.
dude can you spend the night
hold on ill call my mom and find out
hey mom can i spend the night at jonnys house?
why not, i finished all my homework
i dont care the answer is no
dude your mom is a fuckermother
by Jeffthegiraffemasta October 13, 2006
when your father takes your big plasma tv to watch golf and falls asleep while watching it so that you have to walk downstairs and watch what could be high def. porn on the little tv
dude, your dad is really a cum bobbied dreep shaft. he jacked our tv to watch golf but fell asleep and if we try to change the channell he will wake up and beat us with his fucking cock.
by Jeffthegiraffemasta October 02, 2006

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