1. To pull out a particular thing


2. To be getting/linking alot of girls
1) "hus tht boy just cotchin ova der, hes lukin at me like hes a top bre, ima draw for da gat so dnt rli care, hes lukin at me hes lukin at me like hes a top bre"

2)"tht film Hitch helps u draw bare girls"
by AslaM MontanA January 23, 2007
Stands for Double Rainbow All the Way. Another definition for extremely awesome.
Guy 1: Dude, I just won a billion dollars!

Guy 2: Dude, that's so DRAW!
by Goku9001 August 23, 2010
Canabis resin mixed with other substance. (for example pertol, or shoe polish). Often smoked by townies, who obtain their money to feed this habit by stealing from the weak and innocent.
Often refered to as poobar or dirtbar
Kevin robbed an old lady to score an ounce of draw
by ak-j December 15, 2004
£10 worth of cannabis
are you putting in for a draw
by bonnek February 17, 2008
Soapbar hash. Often pronounced D-RAW in the townie elite.
Lets go tick a phat D-raw! We can lug it in our me-hongs!
by Steve Brennan December 10, 2003
(adj.) referring to something as very flambouyant/colorful/GAY.
Yo, check out that draw mother fucker.
by Cool dude 45 December 05, 2005
to smoke a cigarette, or to smoke a blunt.
i need to f***in draw right bout now
by Mandy November 17, 2003
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