1.) pull out your weapon!
2.) artfully, or not artfully sketching on one material with another. often pencil on paper.
1.) ready, set, DRAW!! (bang bang bang!)
2.) Can you please sit in this chair so i can draw you for my art project?
by crayola March 30, 2004
to attract a member of the opposite sex
i drew dis girl her name was shavon
by Ruda August 05, 2003
How some North Jersey-ans pronounce "drawer," keeping the "er" silent. Greatly disputed amongst and with Southerners.
"I got my socks out of the draw."
by cluemeup January 01, 2009
Drop Raw
Wen it draw u kno it gon be hyphy.
I be drawin on these beatz.
by Still AjB February 13, 2009
Ok, I will draw then. Watch me!

Yes, that is a drawing of me. Beat that!
by Mister Ignorant April 01, 2004
Used by certain Nassau County, Long Islanders as the pronunciation of "Drawer." Its use is very contentious among anyone from anywhere but Nassau County and New York city.
Get a fork out of the draw.
by Joshof7gyms October 13, 2010
1. To pull out a particular thing


2. To be getting/linking alot of girls
1) "hus tht boy just cotchin ova der, hes lukin at me like hes a top bre, ima draw for da gat so dnt rli care, hes lukin at me hes lukin at me like hes a top bre"

2)"tht film Hitch helps u draw bare girls"
by AslaM MontanA January 23, 2007

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