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In a card game, when no cards to come can could give a player the best hand, he is drawing dead.
"I can't believe you caught that flush on the turn because now I'm drawing dead."
by katan July 28, 2004
6 0
In poker, someone already holds a hand that will beat the highest hand you can possibly make.
"He got quads on fourth street; I was drawing dead."
by Coell May 12, 2005
21 2
a term used in poker when a player has no outs left.
no possibilities to win the pot.

you: AK
other guy: 45

flop: AAA

turn: doesnt matter, other guy cant win
river: doesnt matter, other guy cant win
this guy is raising while he's drawing dead.
by Mazecraft November 16, 2006
17 2