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A female with dark hair, who is way more hot, sexy, stunning, ravishing, gorgeous and beautiful than a blonde could ever be. Brunettes stand out and are generally more exotic and individualistic than blondes.
"Matt got off with a hot brunette yesterday!"
"Dude, I know! I'm totally jealous!"
by CandeeCane87 May 16, 2005
american slang for panties
Today Im wearing my dazzling drawers!
by CandeeCane87 May 22, 2005
abbreviation for the word 'cigarette'
after class, Kendall and I went out to smoke a cig.
by CandeeCane87 May 16, 2005
gay guys who dress up as women so other guys can f*ck them without feeling like theyre losing their masculinity
"Yesterday I went to visit my cousin in prison and he told me a couple of beehotches had a little party going on the night before, if you know what I mean"
by CandeeCane87 May 16, 2005
a young white female who has a nack for acting slutty
Lindsay Lohan is such a skank!
by CandeeCane87 May 16, 2005

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