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When someone's real life drama is so depressing, corny, or overreacting, that you emotionally kill people by telling them about it.
1. "Enough about your dog, your sister, your cat and your cousin all dying in the same weekend! You're getting too dramacidal for me."

2. Soap Opera Man: I love you Deborah, but I can't help but feel like you would be safer with someone else.
Soap Opera Woman: Oh Tom, just shut up and kiss me!
Me: Wow, real dramacidal. *rolls eyes*

3. Tina: Megan is looking all over for her shoes but she can't find them. She got so upset she spray painted "WHO THE FUCK TOOK MY SHOES OMG!?" in the hall!
Michelle: LoL! What a dramacidal biatch.
#corny #exaggerated #phony #annoying #depressing
by Limbo October 17, 2005
I'm from the eastcoast. New Jersey, and dramacidal means:

When a lot of drama is happening around you or in your life.
My girlfriend was talking so much about her murder case shes taking on, the whole last week shes been driving me dramacidal about it.
#eastcoast #east coast slang #drama #slang #new jersey
by A.L.Morrison December 15, 2010
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