An amazing person who always knows just what to say. Always manages to calm me down when I'm having a bad day. My best friend, although he'll never know it.
Dr Phil told me I am making excuses and that I seriously need to stop looking for the bad in people.
by nooknoodle October 27, 2005
Dr. Phil is a man who hosts a talk show called Dr. Phil. People go on this show to recieve guidance and advice from Dr. Phil. He does not persue or harass them, they ASK for his advice, therefore he can't be blamed for telling these people their problems are their own fault. He's just telling them the truth. They asked for his help.
I would never go on Dr. Phil because I already know my problems are my own fault.
by jello-bob May 10, 2007
A pimp who should grab a tommy gun and kill all of you haters. I like him because he looks old and he obviously hates rap so stop hating on him ya neo-era rap loving children and enjoy your little fantasy(see the neo-era rap def)
Dr. Phil probably fought in WW2
by Boobsky November 01, 2006
He is the best psychologist on television. Unlike all the other talk show hosts, he actually helps people with their problems.
Hey man, did you watch Dr. Phil today? "Heck yes I did.. It was amazing, as usual" " yea dude, I TOTALLY agree." " He is so cool. I have all of his books" " No Way!!! me too!! , lets read them together!"
by SJStites June 11, 2005

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