Standing for "double penetration" when standing around a crowd where talking about sexual acts would be inappropriate.
Hey man does your girl wanna dr. pepper tonight?
by stewman313 August 17, 2010
A drink that was actually created by a man who was trying to make another Cola, and accidently spilled cough syrup in it. He tasted it, and thought it was pretty good. The drink is not made with cough syrup today, but thats where it got it's strange flavor from. Don't believe me.... Look it up.
I love drinking cola, and cough syrup. Tastes kind of like Dr Pepper It's grrrrrrrrrrreat
by The Minister December 29, 2005
a disgusting liquid that proven kills your sperm it was proven by me
hay so could u
no i had to much Dr pepper
by sponge 101 April 11, 2008
A Drink that tastes like Cola, but with a hint of almond and cherry and some say prune as well. No wonder they called it Dr. Pepper, I mean who's going to buy Almond Prune And Cherry Coke?
Dr Pepper has an odd but pleasing flavour.
by DarthKid12121 September 24, 2005
There is no period in dr pepper
dr pepper makes the world taste better
by Jack Waterworth August 27, 2004
early words of johnny 5
wouldn't you like to be a pepper too?
by artemis February 27, 2004

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