A soft drink so amazing it has a PHD..now that is an over achieving soft drink.
When I grow up I want to be a "Dr Pepper"
by effinamazing August 14, 2009
Mr. Pibb's older, more successful cousin.
Have a refeshing glass of Dr. Pepper.
by Stroll August 25, 2004
The best soft drink ever! Unlike Coca-Cola or Pepsi, it has a unique taste of 23 different flavors including cherry, vanilla, and of course, the sweet taste of sugar (now with crappy HFCS)! Came before Coca-Cola and Pepsi in 1885, whereas Coca-Cola came in 1886 and Pepsi came out sometime in the 1930s! And it comes from my home state: TEXAS!!!
Go to your local convenience store and try the unique taste of Dr Pepper!
by MetalHead16 November 24, 2010
The best softdrink in the world.
The can says I am drinking Dr Pepper, but it tastes like I am, in fact, drinking God.
by Eldawg July 29, 2008
A drink developed by the Gods for consumption by only those who are most worthy. For the best effects, consume via the rear end.
by HandsomeBatman July 29, 2011
Aka DP. My favorite sweetened beverage... a mix of lots of delicious flavors to make up an unbeatable combo!
Do you have any Dr. Pepper? I'd really love sum DP right now :p
by OG n HunE June 29, 2015
The nectar of Gods. It is the result of a God's dream. When a God dreams a Dr. Pepper appears.
I love Dr. Pepper.
by MizzOrginal February 04, 2014
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