Never sold well within the Australian territory because no one bought it. The fact was, it tasted like medicine that someone pissed in.
I never tried it, because it was only around for like a year when I was 8 years old. Then they sent that shit back to Taiwan or wherever they keep their factory slaves. Although I haven't tasted it, I know many who have. Their experiences haunt them...
by Bastardized Bottomburp June 27, 2003
An American soda, If I had to describe the taste, I believe I would say "rusty" , yes... A nice blend of carbonated tetanus
The rusty nail in a can...
by MulletMaster April 25, 2004
As PACHUKA of Sonic CulT stated, the soda that will make you shit more than any human on earth.
gs68 Dr. Pepper and as a result, had so much diarrhea he shat until he imploded.
by dj gs68 October 14, 2003
Should be arrested.
I dont think Dr. Pepper is qualified to be a soft drink...
by Zero January 03, 2004
Remember the old advert in space "repeat this is not a cola

Well there fucking wrong".
"Repeat this is not a cola"

"It aint a cola its a weak version of pepsi as there too cheap to afford new ideas for a new decent drink
by Marc_Uk May 26, 2004
A drink that caught my curiosity at work, so I tried it. Tasted alright until I swallowed it. After screaming "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! The horror!" and downing six Capri Suns to wash away the disgusting aftertaste I vowed never to touch the stuff again.
Dr. Pepper. What's the worst that can happen?
You can end up tasting it. (Shudder)
by Snake March 15, 2005
When one shits a fluidy mixture of diarhia into the womens vagina then sips it back up with a straw.
That sure was a great Dr. Pepper
by West/Side_-/East January 31, 2005

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