Shortened form of 'downtown.'

In NYC drug slang, 'downtown' is heroin.

To help speed-up business transactions, saying what you want, as quickly as possible, helps all involved.
Conversation with dealer:

Dealer: 'what do you need?'
Customer: 'just gimme two down, for now.'
by UNOwenNYC May 07, 2012
Catch-all word for anything expelled from the rectum, or the act itself (like the synonym "shit", "downs" can be used interchangeably as a verb and noun with no change in pronunciation or spelling).
I can't believe she let Joe downs all over her chest.
by mikesmess January 23, 2010
want to get with
hook up
i wanna get down with tara reid
by Jule March 22, 2004
Urban slang signifying total agreement with and/or understanding of a person or concept.
I'm down with G-O-D.
Roscoe is ma' boy; I'm down with that brother.
by Storm June 07, 2003
where i come from 'down' means the girl went down town on me ..........................if u dont understand she sucked me off
hey dude ma girl went down last night
by waldo May 21, 2003
To have no money; to be broke.
Aye, you got a dollar?

Naw, man, I'm down.
by Lady Matrix June 09, 2005
Common term for Downs-Syndrome, it means you fuck other retards, and can only dominate cats.
He has downs for fucking that retarded girl and beating on that cat.
by Aaron De Roberto Job September 07, 2009
"down" can refer to the desire to get high (usually on marijuana)
"Hey man, you down after class?"
by Zippyz February 04, 2008
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