Meaning to give oral sex to a women or a man.
"yeah i went down on her"
by brett February 15, 2005
to be taken down relentlessly
E.g. u down, u facken down. (often used on computer games)
by Mojo April 07, 2004
(v) To bash someone so hard they fall over.
I'm gonna down ya!
by Rohan November 16, 2003
Most people who have this are retards and like to order their plates in meat an charbohydrate order. Many people called Ben have downs.
Ben's got "downs"
by Syndromeeeeeee March 28, 2009
1. To recagnize with someone.
2. The complement of "up".
3. An noun, or possibly adjective used to describe one who is special, and most likely an ice-cream chef.
1. Yea hommie I'm down wit da ill rhymes he's mixin yo.
2. Dont look down.
3. He had a very down walk.
4. He was down with the downs.
by MIKE1337 March 12, 2003
to be in a street gang and or afiliated
that nigga got down last nite he walked for 30 seconds

he joined last nite and got beat in for 30 seconds
by T3k n1n3 May 24, 2008
Someone who is repetatively stupid or dumb!
Shut the fuck up you DOWN!
by TheDon March 05, 2004

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