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if you are down bad for something then u are wrong for doin watever you did.
If I told someone that their face looks like someones's @$$ then i would be down bad for sayin that
by Lady Mid-CIty Solider January 15, 2006
In a bad situation, (see swoll, or hurtin)
example #1:
Dave: yo, i just got my test back, i got a 53.
Joe: damn, your down bad.

example #2:
Dave: yo, i hit dat like last month
Joe: you mean that girl?
Dave:i havent seen her in a while, where at?
Joe:the pregnant chick?
Dave: oh shit! thats her! i got her pregnant?!!
Joe: your mad! yeah thats her, your down bad bro
by Pittsburgh412 June 19, 2008