Noun- One who conducts one's self, behaves like, or is a douche bag. This word was coined by B. McDermed. It's easier than saying douche bag, and funnier.
Look- Dolan is acting creepy again. What a doucher...
by Rusty Cox December 25, 2011
Some one who Douches about, or uses the word Stellar.
Waiter-"Can I get you guys your checks"

Tha-"Sure man"


Stevi-"Did that guy seriously just say Stellar? What a Doucher."

Tha-"Whats a Doucher?"

Stevi-"Ummm, someone who douches about, obv."
by Saynotodouchers February 27, 2011
Someone who drives a '99 ford f250 turbo diesel, wears white sunglasses and talks shit!
He is a doucher.
by cllluuuuubbbbeeeeemmmmmm September 06, 2010
The being of a douche
Stan->Mike: Nice haircut faggot!

Mike->Stan: Dude!?!

Kyle->Mike: Stan is such a doucher.
by MR.thedoort June 21, 2010
Someone who is doing nothing wrong at all and are accused of being a doucher for the accuser's entertainment.
Palma: "Hey Pat"
Patrick: "Palma, stop being a doucher!"
by P-Trickkk November 30, 2009
Someone, usually female, or feminine acting, that exhibits behavior to suggest he / she "douches"

Usually used in reference to a "pussy" or someone acting like a "pussy"

Someone so stupid, they don't even realize that "doucher" is an insult
"Dude, shut the fuck up, you fucking doucher"

"Did you see Amarosa, that kid is soooo stupid, what a doucher!'
by Souza July 14, 2004
a complete douche bag who's girlfriend is way too good for them
will is a doucher
by /\/\i(@E1@ July 06, 2011

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