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People who use terms like: truther, birther, deather, denier, and other similar terms in an attempt to shut down honest discussion of real issues.
I just heard this today, to describe a person who harbors any doubt about the official tale involving bin Laden’s assassination: Deather.
-Lew Rocwell

The person who coined that term is a 'doucher'.
by elsquidwardo May 04, 2011
a self centered jerk, A guy that thinks hes better then everyone else, a guy that cheats, a man whore, A guy with a small dick that acts like its big! ,A dumb guy that smokes and drinks ALOT, A guy that lies about everything and can't be trusted.
He cheated on you! Why did you go out with him? He's such a doucher!
by gurlzthtdgaf February 20, 2011
a guy who is a major douche bag!!!
guy: you see that dude over there? he cheated on his girfriend.

girl: yeah he is a doucher
by austin's lover July 17, 2010
An individual who isnt even worth the effort to call a douche bag. Completely oblivious to the fact that everyone around him/her hates them and talks crap about them all the time, Pretty much a sorry individual.
ugh he is such a doucher!
by WHATEVVVVV May 20, 2010
A person who is guilty of committing douchebaggery.

A person who is acting like a pussy/asshole/jerk.
That doucher in the red car just cut me off!!

Look at that doucher over there, with the fake bake tan and lip gloss.

Stop being such a doucher and come out with us tonight!
by Doc Cock May 19, 2010
noun: someone who acts like they are the shit, and/or have practiced douche bag qualities on other people. Most likely a frat boy.
"Did you hear that doucher ask me out?"
by shakedownholla April 18, 2010
Someone who struts around like they are God's gift to women, mistakenly thinks they're witty and charming, and has a complex. Probable that he has both his ears pierced. Could be from Pittsburgh.
Nicole: Man, that guy Chris Baker just walks around here like his shit don't stink.

Brian: I know, what a doucher.