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A term which describes a total asshole. Originally coined by B.S., the term is characterized by lying, insincere comments, and general all-around douchebaggery. It is most frequently used when referring to ryan lewis.
Susie: "He did what?! I can't believe that! He's the biggest asshole ever!"
Betty: "I know. He's a total douchenugget."
by YaYaGirl April 05, 2010
noun: a person who is not quite yet a full-blown douche-bag. A douche-nugget is a person that is annoying and bothersome in his/her actions and words.
Roberto is a real Douche Nugget, he never combs his curly pube-hair head.
by Forkemon November 29, 2004
Noun: a small piece of hardened vaginal secretion that is flushed out while douching. Also synonymous with douche bag.
Dude, let's never hang out with Bethanie again. She's a huge douche nugget anymore.
by JakeS18 February 11, 2010
An idiot, moron... Used as a humorous insult, with no harm meant
Dude, you're such a fuckin' douche-nugget! You mean Douche-bag? no.. you haven't gained that title yet.. you're still a lil douche :)
by blazedncrazy50h4 August 10, 2005
noun: stemming from the Latin 'douchus nuggutus' meaning 'of great douchebag characteristics'. an individual circumstance which embodies the entity of douchebaggery.

in some cultures, douchenuggets are the highest form of flattery to one's affinity to be a douchebag. some even go on quests to achieve douchenuggetry, we call these individuals douchenuggeteers.
Did you see Tom since he returned from college? Man that kid's become quite the douchenugget!
by KMacka December 23, 2007
someone who is a total ahole and doesnt seem to realize it
1.Nobody likes corey because he is a Douche nugget


2.Dude why are you being such a Douche nugget?
by mikey and brent September 06, 2008
A take-off from the modern meaning of the term "douchebag." "Douche nugget" is used to describe someone who is arrogant, self-centered, rude, obnoxious, etc, and this person is not well-liked due to these characteristics. Someone who acts like a douche nugget also possesses a low level of intelligence.
Emily: He's been acting weird for the past week or so...
Amanda: What a douche nugget.
by kissmyATL December 23, 2010
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