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A grade A douchebag who brags about his latest endeavor. Someone who likes getting attention and makes an ass of himself while getting it.
Ameet: "I hate it when my celebrity friends call using a *blocked* number. The downside of winning an Oscar or two."

Diane: "Ameet's such a douchebrag".
#douchebag #douchebrag #brag #facebrag #douche
by Drinkchai July 22, 2009
both the act of boasting about douchey things (how may girls you have slept with, beers you drank, how you mistreated/condescended to a girl, etc.) and/or the douchey manner in which it is done (lack of consideration of volume or environment in which it takes place).
Douchebrag (v.): "Johnny just got back from spring break in Cancun. I can't listen to him douchebrag for one more second."

Douchebraggery (n.)

Includes but is not limited to:

Conversing loudly in public about having sex with a girl, at a volume intended for people outside of your group to hear.

Trying to look cool by bragging about how many beers one drank, or intentional degradation of a female.

Using unnecessarily degrading terms in conversations intended to impress.
#douchebag #bro #beer #girls #sluts #bitches #bragging #sex #party #slut #cock #brag #douchebaggery
by Pierre LeBoner September 21, 2013
That guy. The one that's always posting about his insanely awesome life. If you find one in real life, kill it immediately.
He was being a major douchebrag, carrying on about his incredible vacation in the south of France.
#douche #brag #bragging #boast #boasting #douchebag
by Smallplastictree September 29, 2015
A male douchebag that brags about things not even worthy of bragging about.
"Yo, I just benched 200 lbs for a half a rep! Top that!" - what a douchebrag!
#douchebag #meathead #workout #benching #bragging
by G Pizzle January 08, 2012
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