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The act of describing, in embarrassing detail, your personal DRAMA on the Walls of Facebook - much to the discomfort of all your "Friends."
Posting things on your Wall such as "OMG! How could you douchebook on me?" or "You're a big slut and I never want to see you again! Welcome to being douchebooked" or "He's such an asshole that he deserves to be douchebooked! or How could you cheat on me with that whore. I'm so going to douchebook you! or just posting some sorry-ass, vague, attention demanding thing like I'm so depressed. This is the ultimate annoying form of douchebooking. Attention whores tend to douchebook a lot.
by no douchebooking! April 30, 2010
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The act of making major DRAMA on Facebook without completely describing the situation at hand.
OMG I am so douchebooking. How could he/she do this I have to admit I'm douchebooking he sucks and now I'm douchebooking wtf o.k, I'm douchebooking! my heart is broken and I cant control the fact that I'm douchebooking but I loved him/her so I'm douchebooking
by don't douchebook April 30, 2010
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