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Any man or woman stupid, naive and insecure enough to allow themselves to be charmed and taken advantage of by a douchebag or doucheball.
That Jenn is such a doucheballer; she's had more narcissistic/sociopathic assholes inside her than the New York Stock Exchange.
by theonlyprof June 15, 2013
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These individuals create the illusion that they have endless amounts of money, clothing, and jewelry. They're attire is usually found in the 50% off section of a bargain basement sale. Their jewelry is often purchased at a mall kiosk. They often carry a large roll of cash, which includes one larger bill at the top, and much smaller bills beneath to give that "baller" illusion. Their car (if they have one) is 10+ years old and usually has a very large wing on the back, and an audio system that sounds like a coffee can filled with nickels being shaken by a paint mixer.
A 92' Civic with 14" spinner hubcaps, and a 2-foot high wing on the that's a doucheballer
by DouchebagNews March 28, 2010
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