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a big o'l ball of douche
Why do you have to be such a doucheball?
by Carlos9322 April 26, 2010
12 1
A word used to describe a person that is extremly annoying or rude. This word describes someone that can also be categorized as a douchebag. They are the kind of person that is just acting like a dick for no reason whatsoever.

Also can be used to describe someone that acts better than everyone. This person feels they are higher up on the social ladder because of a fancy car or big house.
"That last customer threw his money at me like I was some kind of cheap whore, what a Doucheball!"

"Steve is such a fucking Doucheball!"
by Oliofreak March 27, 2008
15 4
1.] taking the contents of a douche bag and concentrating it into a solid form of a ball, therefore, making it a complete douche ball.
2.] one step above being a douche bag (a complete idiot who doesnt know anything they are talking about)
Wow, Alex B. over there is a complete douche ball.
by RendeisaG November 14, 2010
2 1
a game played by people who act like a douche.
person 1: wow these guys love to play Douche Ball!

person 2: yep!
by CarmelitasLover May 10, 2010
2 1
A very homosexual game played in P.E. class.
Dude, I dont want to play doucheball today, it sucks ass.
by A^Train November 30, 2004
10 12
1. When a man's genitalia is fairly clean. Usually because the man is a germaphobe and cleans his tunk with a douche.

2. Slang. Negative slander used when something unpleasant has happened.
Girl: "Wow, that's pretty clean. You must have Douche Balls."
Guy: "Why yes, yes I do."

Guy One: "Ahh man, Our van was broken into and all our gear was stolen."
Guy Two: "Douche Balls..."
by Mr. Piklington August 17, 2010
1 4
1) Similar to the Downey Ball, except for the cleaning of the female genetalia
2) You, you fucking douche ball!
1) "My Vagina is quite dirty, I need a Douche ball!"
2)"Look at me, I'm a stupid little douche ball
by Anonymous June 10, 2003
9 12